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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use your balms?

Because of our choice of non-plastic containers, the cleanliness of your fingers plays a big role in the application of our balms. The products will remain freshest if you use clean, dry hands to touch the product, and store the containers in a dry, cool place.


The body balms are meant for use anytime, anywhere on the body, including hair. We like to use them as a solid version of Abhyanga oil, massaging it into the body right after a shower or bath.


The face balms are soothing to use first thing in the morning before your makeup routine, or last thing before bed after washing your face.

Do you use organic ingredients?

For our face products, we do our best to source everything organically. However, we do not label our products as such because we can not always guarantee that our sources are 100% organic.

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes, all of our ingredients are gluten-free and we prepare our products in a dedicated space that is far away from any cross-contamination.

Why do the balms have a "use by" date?

We believe you should treat your skin to fresh food, just like the rest of your body. We use fresh products with minimal added preservatives so that you can rest assured that you are not introducing extra unwanted chemicals to your body. Use it up!

Why does the balm sometimes have liquid separation on the surface?

As part of our pledge to use minimal and natural ingredients, our products contain minimal emulsifiers, which results on some separation of oil from water content. This is normal and does not affect the effectiveness of the balms.

Will I break out or have an allergic reaction to your balms?

We strive to use ingredients that are non-allergenic and non-comedogenic. However, each individual is unique and may have a unique response to the ingredients we use. Please try a small amount the first time, to see how your body responds. We hope it will ask for more!

What does your name, "ka" mean?

Ameeta came up with our name by combining the two letters of our first names, but later realized that it is also an ancient Egyptian word for "soul", which we think is appropriate because we are both inspired by spiritual practices.

How can I buy your products if I don't live near a retailer that sells them?

We are now selling online, but if you want to buy locally and know of a place that would like to carry our balms, please put us in touch by contacting us at kaallnaturals@gmail.com