Go Ahead, use it up!

We've all done it. We've purchased or received a product that we conserve because it's special, or we don't want to feel wasteful. We are becoming more aware of the impact our consumption has on our home planet.


Want to create a better world? So do we! We believe our relationship with the world can only mirror our relationship with our own bodies. How do you care for your body temple? Do you forget about it until it asks for your attention through pain? Or do you practice gentle rituals that show gratitude and promote healing?

What does your body digest and absorb? How do those products arrive to you? Are you concerned with sustainability and conservation? Do you feel good about what you put in and on your body temple? We think you can!

KA All Naturals was created to give you an alternative product for your body-care rituals. We use ingredients in our products that you can pronounce and trace back to their origin in nature. We use plastic-free packaging because we think there is enough plastic in the world and we don't need to encourage the creation of more.

We subscribe to the Ayurvedic principle that you should not put anything on your body that you could not put in your body. (Although our products are not created or labeled for human consumption.)

We hope you love your body, and in turn love the world you live in. We are here to make that connection easier for you with sustainable packaging and soothing body-care products that you want to use up!


Kate and Ameeta